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Privacy Statement

General Privacy Statement Study Association IK


This page contains the Privacy Statement of Study Association IK. It’s a way of informing you about what we do and why. We want to stress the fact that we handle your data really carefully. Every member should be able to trust that his or her personal data will be safe and treated appropriately. Therefore, Study Association IK wants to be transparent about what they do with your personal data. We want to give every member the opportunity to view their data and correct them if necessary. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or complaints.

why do we need your data?

We need your data (name, address, mail address and IBAN) for different reasons, which contain getting in contact with you, keeping you updated about the events and activities of the Study Association, and collecting money from your account (membership fee, costs for events, etc.).

what do we do with your data?

We keep your data save in our Member Document, which includes all data from all current members. The treasurer also keeps track of all the bank account numbers (IBAN). Your data is only and exclusively used for purposes of the Study Association.

how long are we saving your data?

As soon as you sign out as a member of Study Association IK, we delete your data from our database. You can cancel your membership by e-mailing the Secretary of the board (

who has access to your data?

The secretary and the treasurer have access to your account. Unless necessary, they won’t share your data with anyone else on the board. The secretary keeps track of the Member Document and uses your e-mail address on different occasions, such as sending you newsletters or inviting you to events. The treasurer manages the bank account numbers in order to write off money of your account in terms of membership fees or costs of events that you attended. The treasurer only writes off money if you authorized the Study Association to do so.

who is responsible for your data?

As mentioned above, the secretary and the treasurer are the only two persons who have access to your data. Therefore, they are responsible for your data and available for any questions regarding your privacy.

questions or comments? get in contact!

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