25 February 2019

Dearest members,

Hah! It is almost time for the board’s half-yearly General Members Assembly (or, G.M.A., for short). The half yearly G.M.A. will take place on March 5. More information about location and time will follow, but  we will first explain a little more about what a G.M.A. is, why we organize it and why we encourage you to join us!

We, as a board from a study association, organize events for our members. In order to do that, members pay a small contribution and we also have sponsors and subsidies to keep the whole thing going. To make everything legit, we make a policy plan at the beginning of the year, and two progress reports. One after half a year – the one we will present in March – and one at the end of the year. These documents provide an overview of every move we make as a board, what we spend our money on, what we want to achieve with events, why we organize events, how committees are doing, etc. Because the association is a democratic thing, we have a board of advisors consisting of old board members who help us out and check on us. But that is not all. The previously mentioned documents are also made available to every member. Moreover, every member has the right to give feedback, ask questions and just gain more insight into what we do as a board. That is why we organize a General Members Assembly. During the upcoming one, we present our half-year report. We show you what we have been doing for these few months and how it has been going.

And here is where you come in: we need you for the General Members Assembly. Without members, a General Members Assembly is kind of… pointless. And that is why you should come. Even though the G.M.A.’s are not the most exciting events (we know) (we try to make it as cool as possible though), it is important for you to see what is going on within the association. Besides, you actually have the ability to improve certain things or let us know if you disagree with certain things, and we can see if we can make changes. Or just come to tell us that we are doing well. That is also appreciated. After all, the association exists for its members and we want to cater to (almost) every need and want. If you are in a committee, you are more of an active element in the association, you are kind of a mini-board in charge of a specific thing or event(s). It is especially important that committee members show up, because we will review the things that you’ve been doing. Attending means that you are more aware of what is happening in the association that you are an active part of and – as mentioned before – you can give us feedback, give additional information or even correct us when we discuss committees (or any other part!).

We hope you now understand what a G.M.A. entails and why your presence is so important!

We hope to see you during our next G.M.A.!