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About IK

History of the Study Association

IK emerged from the previously named Study Association SKABÉ. This Association was founded for the study program Arts and Arts Policies (Kunst en Kunstbeleid) in Groningen. This study program changed into Arts, Culture and Media in September 2003. This was the reason a new Study Association was initiated: Study Association IK. On the 1st of September 2003, IK had its first members and after thriving 16 years, we have approximately 200 members.

Goal of the Study Association

IK is the Study Association for the students following the program Arts, Culture and Media. IK offers students possible ways to be involved in the study related activities but also non-study related activities. The statutory objective of the Association is the following:

The association aims to organize subject-specific and non-subject specific activities for students in the course Arts, Culture and Media, as well as to inform them about the study, the future professional possibilities, potential paths after graduation and to encourage contacts among students. IK wants to address this objective by organizing activities such as monthly IK-Borrels, parties, conferences, excursions and the magazine Artefact.


IK wants to support her members by offering study-related activities and non-study related activities.

Study related activities

There are many study-related activities that are organized by IK. There are Career Events (including a Networking Event), the Conference, books, Museum Salon, Taste of Arts and an international Excursion.

Career Events: this event offers students to look at possible professional paths for the future. During these days various activities are organized, such as workshops, Networking event, and a trip to a company.

Conference: the Conference committee will organize the yearly conference focusing on a specific theme. The lecturers and other guest-speakers come from different parts of the cultural working field. This way IK can inform her members about what is happening in the cultural field at the moment and the members can get a better insight into this field.

Museum Salon: the Museum committee organizes the yearly Museum Salon. This event provides members with interesting facts and experiences of the different art disciplines in a special way. Each year, the Museum Salon will have a certain theme or focal point.

Taste of Art: Four times per year, a Taste of Art takes place. This is always in cooperation with other organizations such as Noord Nederlands Toneel, NNO, Oosterpoort etc. A Taste of Art is always linked to an art discipline. 

Excursion: every year there is an international Excursion to a foreign country. The Excursion committee organizes this and provides the members with interesting visits to art organizations. Previous destinations were Vienna, Zagreb, Dublin, Kraków,  and Edinburgh.

Non-study related activities

These activities are not directly related to the study program, and they include the IK-Borrels, parties, the Almanac, and the Artefact:

IK-Borrels: every second Wednesday of the month, there is an IK-borrel in Het Pakhuis, for the students of the Study Association. Each Borrel has a theme that will determine the games, dress-code, decorations, etc.

More parties and events such as the Gala, MIX-party, and Open Mic are organized each year in cooperation with other Study Associations.


This year there is a board with four members and there are nine committees, that make it possible for all the events to take place. In committees, there are 3-6 people depending on the workload and the size of the event. The IK-board is supported by the Board of Advisors and the Treasury Committee, in which old board-members are placed. The board also has contact with the General Board of ACM, other Study Association and other external parties such as Noord Nederlands Toneel, NNO and Study Store.