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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IK stand for?
IK stands for Instituutsvereniging Kunsten, Cultuur en Media (Institute Society of Arts, Culture and Media).

How long has Study Association IK been around?
Study Association IK exists since July 16th 2003. The first IK-board, also known as the founding board, has officially established the association.

How do I sign up for Study Association IK?
You can register digitally on the IK-site. The association has then been given the permission to write off the membership fee from your account, or in consultation with the IK-board you can transfer the money yourself.

How much does it cost to become a member of Study Association IK?
First-year members pay a membership fee of €30. Second-year students pay €12,50 and pre-master students pay only €10. Becoming a member in your third year will also cost you only €10. You remain a member throughout the time that you’re an ACM-student. This means you will only pay the membership fee once.

Why should I join IK?
There are several reasons for becoming a member of IK. First of all, you will get to know a lot of people during the activities of IK. During the IK-borrels at Het Pakuis there is time to have a casual chat with your classmates. Also, all activities organized by the Study Association are cheaper for members. There are even more reasons to join IK. For example, the book prices. Especially for our members we offer textbooks at a 5% discount on the Dutch books and 10% off of foreign books, this compared to the recommended retail prices. Another reason to join IK is that you can take place in one of our committees or perhaps on the board. By organizing one of the activities you will learn to work in a group and you can exercise knowledge acquired during your study.

Can I get my books cheaper if I order them through IK?
Yes, through IK you can order your Dutch books with 5% discount on the retail price, and English books with 10% off the retail price.

What is the best way to get in contact with the members of the IK-board?
The members of the IK-board are always available for your questions and comments. You can reach the board members in several ways: by mail, phone or at the IK-room (OBS 34, second floor, room 228).

Maria Kirilova

Nina Beerten

Laura ten Kate

Commissioner internal affairs:
Blanka Bartos