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General information about committees
Besides acquiring your study credits it is also very useful to gain practical knowledge and experience in the field of Arts, Culture and Media. Working in a committee gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with organizing activities, working in a team, gaining acquisition and making promotion.

A committee is an investment for your future, and the experience you gain does not just look good on your resume, but also gives you more confidence, more knowledge and more skills. It is also fun to organize something together with a group of fellow students and working towards something.

Study association IK has a lot to offer, because of the variety of its committees. In this way, you can focus on many areas that interest you. On this part of the website, you can get information about the committees and what they exactly do.


Each April, the themed yearbook for the Study Association (known as The Almanac) is published. This committee is a great place to experiment with a new creative outlet, make and conserve memories, and sharpen your skills as a writer. The Almanac contains all the data of the members, but also interviews and pictures. So besides writing articles, you also get to take interviews and design the layout. There are many different things to do in this committee! Once finished, the Almanac will be celebrated at the official release party. If you want to make your lasting mark on ACM, the Almanac committee is an excellent place to start.


The new career committee of this year is grouping up with essential and interesting companies in the field of our beloved study to bring you one step closer to your prospective dream job. The career committee is in charge of organizing both the Career Day and the Networking Event. During these events, students get a taste of what it’s like to work in the field of the arts. Students can participate in workshops to learn new skills that can be useful in their studies or careers, get to know professionals, and attend readings and lectures. These events are incredible resources for students, and as a committee member, you are able to gain more from the experience than you would by simply attending the event.


Each year, the Conference Committee organizes an Arts Conference. Conferences from previous years have dealt with themes such as activism, time, technology and religion in relation to art, and hosted a range of exciting lectures and workshops surrounding the topics at hand. The committee works together with the Arts in Society organization, getting you in contact with a lot of external parties and gain a lot of practical knowledge. The conference needs to leave a professional impression on its visitors.


Twice a year, the museum committee will organize and host a Museum Salon, which provides a fresh take on visiting a museum or arts exposition. Salons focus on one specific form of art, such as street art or Groninger art, to create a unique exposition experience. Instead of a typical museum visit, the Museum Salon will consist of exciting interactive activities that bring social, educational, and intriguing aspects into the museum experience.


Do you have a nose for adventure? Then you might want to check out the excursion committee. Each year, the Study Association goes on an excursion abroad. The excursion committee is in complete charge of planning the trip, from the destination to day-to-day (and night!) activities. The adventure lasts several days and will take you to places in Europe where art blooms. Past excursions have explored places such as Prague, Berlin, Vienna and Budapest. Do you know a spot that’s even more fun to visit? Join the excursion committee and organize the best excursion yet!


This study If you are a member of the film committee, you will have the opportunity to create your own short film together with your committee members. You are able to express your creativity and utilise your talent, whether this is editing, directing, or filming! The committee also gets to organize their premiere at the end of April to show everyone their finished project.


The media committee is in charge of creating the Close-Ups, short aftermovies of the Study Association’s events, and taking pictures that can be posted on Facebook and the IK website. The committee also often helps their fellow committees when it comes to promotional material, such as short videos, teasers and trailers. If you crave a mix of a social and creative outlet, the media committee might be a good fit for you.


The theatre committee will have the opportunity to create their own theatre production! The committee has a lot of creative freedom in the story and shape of the production. They have the possibility to adapt and existing play, or create something totally new! The committee will work towards creating a theatre performance that will be shown to everyone.

Last but certainly not least, there is the Party and Introduction Committee. This committee is responsible for the annual Winter Gala (organized with two other lovely study associations), the Open Mic, the End of the Year Party. In addition, they will also organize (and join) both the Opening Party and Introduction Camp for the first-year students the following academic year. All and all, the committee is dedicated to ensuring everyone has a fun year!

Would you like to join a committee yourself? You can always send an e-mail for more info to