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Online Summary Database

During the exam period, there is a high demand for summaries and lecture notes. Together with you, we want to create order within the chaos by collecting all the summaries and by evaluating them. Upload your summary or notes on the site and leave a review after reading one of the other summaries, that way we can see which ones are the better ones.

The summaries and notes on the Online summary bank are not peer-reviewed by teachers or Study Association IK and therefore, they are not responsible for the content of the uploaded files.

All summaries are in English unless stated otherwise with an (nl).

This page will be updated as summaries become available. Want to share your summary? Email it to


ACM Writing Guide

First-year program

Introduction to Audiovisual Arts

Audiovisual summary

Arts Sociology I

Notes on Sociology I

The Arts in Society summary (nl)

The Arts In Society II summary

History and Theory of Arts and Media

Notes on Culture

Sayre chapter 1-6 summary

Sayre chapter 8-15 summary

Notes on Sayre chapter 8-15


Second-year program

Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Quantitative and Qualitative Methods (nl)

Mediality to Inter-mediality

Summary of Theories Mediality – Intermediality

Arts, Policy & Education

Arts, Policy and Education summary of lectures (nl)