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Program Committee

Program committee

Every study has a program committee (PC or OC). This is an advisory committee consisting out of six teacher members and six student members. The program committee meets around six times each year. During these meeting the quality of the study is under debate. The regular tasks of the program committee are:
– giving advice regarding the structure of the educational program, the Education and Exam Regulation (EER);
– evaluate the structure and the execution of the educational program on the basis of lecture-evaluations.

The program committee also takes on problems or wishes that are being raised by the student members. The student members are acting as the voice of the entire student body. The opinion of the students is very important for the general board of the study, that is why each year panel-evaluations are being organised where attendants are being asked about their experiences and their judgement regarding the study or certain courses. Everyone can join, so when you receive an invitation of the program committee for the panel-evaluation: JOIN and let your opinion be heard! Students who want to add a point of discussion for the agenda of the program committee meetings can talk to a member of the committee or mail their question or request to: OCKCM@RUG.NL.