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Study Books

If you are an IK-member you can buy your study books through our website. Through our webshop you can easily buy your study books and deliver them at home. IK-members can even get a discount of up to 17%!
Through our webshop you can buy all your books. You can not only order new books but you can also order second-hand books as long as they stay in stock. On the website, you can search through year and semester to find all the books you need.

Are you an Arts, Culture and Media freshman looking for the ‘Discovering the humanities’ book by Sayre for History and Theory of Arts and Media? Unfortunately, this book is not published in Europe anymore. However, from next week onwards you will receive a link to contact a second or third-year student that is willing to lend or sell you there book!

The webshop gives you the opportunity to pay online.

Here is a link to the webshop for first-year books: IKWebshop

Here is a link to the webshop for second-year booksIKWebshop

Attention: All book titles have been put on the ‘mandatory’ list. You can simply deselect the books you don’t need for your chosen electives on the selection screen before going to purchase.

All about getting your books:
• Order your books online
• Find all the books you need on our site
• Discounts up to 17%
• Online payment

For more information on the order or delivery of your books, you can always send an e-mail to