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Arts, Culture, and Media
Arts, Culture, and Media (ACM) is both a bachelor and a master study where the critical analysis of the arts and their function within a culture is the main focus. De study covers three art disciplines: theatre, music (classical and popular), film (cinema and television). In ACM much attention is given to the ‘mediality’ of the arts, this implies the theory of media as a messenger of the arts within a culture. It is only possible to study ACM in Groningen, which makes this study unique in the Netherlands.

The bachelor Arts, Culture, and Media lasts three years. This bachelor focusses on the study of the arts and the social context where these arts are functioning in. Besides lectures in history, theory and analysis of the arts lectures are also given in the field of art sociology and art policy. First, you will venture into the field of one of the three art disciplines. Later, in the master, you can specialise in the new media and digital arts.

In the second and third year, you can also choose between one of the two specialities: Arts policy and Cultural entrepreneurship (APCE) or you can choose for Analysis and Criticism  (AC). The organizational aspects of the art world are the main interest at APCE, where the arts themselves are the focus at AC. What both specialities have in common is their shared questions of what are the arts, what were the different points of view in various time periods, and what does art contribute for humanity and society. Also much attention is payed to the influence of digitalisation in the art worlds. Besides from your mayor ACM you also choose two minors. One of those minors must be related to your mayor, the other one you can choose yourself.

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